Events and Event Supervisors C updated 1/9/19

Science Olympiad Event Supervisors 2019        27   Events   as of     1/9/19


 Supervisor     Event
 Betsy Stalder A & P
 Matt Schmus         Astronomy
 Don Harr Aerial Scramble
 Marquette (Need Name)     Amazing Mechatronics
Scott Gundrum Boomilever
 Mike Sell Code Analysis
 Jennifer Simdon Code Busters
 Indian Trails (Need Name) Chemistry Lab
 Nolan Oremba Circuit Lab
 Howard Towne Designer Genes
 Erin McGlew     Disease Detectives
Stephanie Bartels Dynamic Planet
 Josh Post/Sam Schubert Experimental Design
 Hui Jiang Fermi Questions
 Kristen Miller Food Science
 Nancy Smith/ Megan Wagner Forensics
 Kate Gigstad Fossils
 Robert Muehlbauer GeoLogic Mapping
 Alley Vlack Herpetology
 Wendy Penny Mission Possible
 John Wilkinson Mousetrap Vehicle
 Jean Weaver Protein Modeling
 Russel Craze Sounds of Music
 Jenny Klemme Thermodynamics
 John Gransee Water Quality
 Eddie Pahuski Wright Stuff
 Monica Hopping Write It, Do It