Events and Event Supervisors B updated as of 1/22/19

Science Olympiad Event Supervisors 2019        27   Events   as of     1/22/19  

 Supervisor Event
 Eva Borbas Aerial Scramble
 Randi Cartmill Game On
 Jennifer Stoddard Heredity
 Alley Vlack Herpetology
 Erin Eagan Picture This
 Steve Olenchek     Dynamic Planet
 Mary Blanding     Battery Buggy
 Mike Gandrud Write It, Do It
 Lori Voelker     A & P
 Eddie Pahuski Elastic Launched Glider
 Carrie Jeschke Meteorology
 Jake Eaton Road Scholar
 Mary Kauffman Solar System
 Caleb Moore Water Quality
 Amanda Poquette     Density Lab
 Marquette Parent Fossils
 Ralf Welnitz Code Busters
 Scott Gundrum     Boomilever
 Sarah Bessonny     Disease Detectives
 Bob Benjamin and Ben Rosenwasser Thermodynamics
 Michael Chobanian Circuit Lab
 Jean Marc-Ruel Crime Busters
 Ashly Van Galen and Alissa Bequest Experimental Design
 Ryan Wegner and Drew Lockwood Mystery Architecture
 Nicole and Scott Potions and Poisons
 Maria Pittner Roller Coaster
 Mike Hogenow and Alex Dawson-Elli Amazing Mechatronics