Last Minute Remiders For Coaches And Event Supervisors

Hi Event Supervisors and Coaches.  This information was emailed out on 1/16/19

1.  If your event is in Engelmann please remove your shoes when walking on the turf.

2.  If you are entered in an event that requires a computer please bring it along with applicable software

3.  The dimensions of Engelmann Gym are 80 X 80 X 20ft.  FYI:  other events are happening in the gym so the width and length may be reduced.

4.  There is a morning Event Supervisor/Coaches Meeting in Lapham 160 at 8:15am.  There will be some fruit and donuts and juice (no coffee so bring your own).  Please attend, any informational changes will be passed along at that time.  If you wish to make an announcement at that time you will have an opportunity.

5.  If an event is an impound event the deadline to have your object there is 8:55pm.  The morning meeting will be done before then. So please get it in before 8:15 or after the meeting.

6.  If you are driving please watch the signs in the parking lot.  They will ticket (yes I also have to pay for parking for the day). 

7. I would like to begin the award ceremonies 30 minutes after the end of the last session.  So please begin grading/scoring throughout the day.  When you are finished please bring your packet with the filled out sheets to:  If you are Division B go to Engelmann Hall 105;  If you are Division C go to Bolton 150 (this is across the bridge, halfway through the union and take a left.  I highly suggest you look for this room prior to the competition so you know where it is located.  When you get there go to the stage to drop off your packet.  DO NOT leave right away, we need to check to make sure it is done properly and then you can announce the winners.

8.  For the awards we are going 4 deep again this year.

9.  Event Supervisors please bring all copies and equipment you need (and a few extra).

10.  Team Hangout areas are Engelmann 105 and Bolton Hall 150