Regional Information for State

New coaches please read this information so you know how the regional competition will impact your qualification for the state meet.  If you have questions regarding the state meet please direct them to Forrest Schultz (he is the director of the state meet).  His contact information is on the WSO state website.  If you have questions regarding the regional please direct them to Ray Scolavino 414-460-0746.

Regional Impact on Teams for State


This information was directly cut and pasted from the WSO state website on Oct. 24, 2018.    If you find any information here contradicting the WSO website please follow the WSO website information.

 State Qualification

Criterion 1: The Team must participate at a WSO Regional Tournament in their assigned geographic Region. Participating means they must enter a minimum of 10 events at that Regional Tournament.
Criterion 2: Each Team must provide at least one (1) Regional Event Supervisor or Assistant*, and the necessary materials, equipment, exams, and personnel, for at least one (1) event at the Regional Tournament. *This is agreed to by the Regional Director to meet needs.
Criterion 3: The Team must place in the top 50 medal count for all Regional Tournaments to be eligible to compete at the State Tournament. Counting of medals proceeds as follows: Medals (Gold, Silver and Bronze as a whole) will be counted by excluding multiple teams from schools to establish the 50 State Qualifying Teams.  Medal count ties are broken by the following two criteria in order: (1) Greater number of competing events. (2) Best performance in competing events (e.g, greatest number of 4th place rankings). This criterion will be applied to establish the 50 Team maximum roster at State, only if necessary. Each school will be offered an invite for only one team to participate in the pool of 50 teams. Multiple teams from schools that meet the other State Qualifying Criteria will be offered to compete as an Exhibition Team in which students will be eligible for individual medals at State.  The number of teams to receive invites as Exhibition Teams is dependent on availability of space in the State Tournament schedule which is 60 teams for each division. Any elimination of Exhibition teams will be based on the Qualification Criteria. Exhibition teams may also be limited in their event choices at the State Tournament. Preference will be given to schools to bring an exhibition team over schools brining multiple exhibition teams. (Clarification 1-12-18)

Additional state information go to the Wisconsin Science Olympiad Division C State Webpage: